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6th May 2020

Our exec chef and specialist wine expert have worked together to create some fantastic food and wine pairings for you to try at home.

When looking to buy wine to match home cooked food, there are a few classic rules to follow.

As a beginner doing this at home, it’s always best to start with tried and tested pairings and build from there.

Once you’re matching food and wine more independently you should be looking at two main factors; do the flavours complement each other and can you taste both equally?

Luckily for us, our exec chef Mike Reid and our specialist wine expert have worked together to create some fantastic tried and tested food and wine pairings for you to try at home.

4 ways to match wine with food at home

1.  Get yourself some good beef (we suggest ribeye) and enjoy with a rich bottle of Malbec. No one eats more beef on the planet than Argentinians, so who better to create a red wine to go perfectly with their world-famous steaks!

The high tannins and rich flavours of Malbec match perfectly with ribeye. Check out Mike’s recent video on our IGTV on how to cut and cook the perfect Argentine ‘churrasco’ at home.

We suggest to try with our very own Vina Patricia.

2. Or, if you’ve checked out Mike’s ‘make your own pizza’ video recently, you’ll be pleased to know we’ve matched the perfect wine to go with it, Pinot Noir!

A thin, light and crusty base pizza with classic Italian cured meat toppings go perfectly with the slightly gamey and smokey character of the Pinot Noir and the high acidity cuts through the fats in the food to make this match work perfectly.

3. If you fancy fish, such as salmon, this is where you can really enjoy a fresh, crisp and pale Rosé

Try to get a Rosé as close in colour to your salmon as possible, the lighter the shade the more crisp and fresh acidity there is to cut through the fat in the salmon – add a pomegranate salad to really enhance the fruit characters in the wine.

Check out our CEO Martin’s ‘smoking your own salmon at home’ video for some inspiration.

4. Finally, if you want to really combine the balance of luxury at home – try baking your own chicken or fish pie and add cheese/cream where can and enjoy with a cold, dry, sparkling bottle of Champagne.

This cosy comfort food goes perfectly with the Champagne as the low sugar and high acidity matches great fat and dairy in the pie, whilst the bubbles keep your pallet clean and refreshed from the pastry.

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