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4th May 2020

Vina Patricia and Vina Patricia D’Oro are Gaucho’s exclusive, premium Malbec’s, from our very own vineyard in Lunlunta, Mendoza; the home of Argentinian Malbec.

The beautiful vineyard in Lunlunta, Mendoza is steeped in history, following many local traditions set with the striking Andres mountains as a backdrop.

The winemaker who produced Vina Patricia is considered one of Argentina’s cult wine makers, specialising in Malbec from Mendoza.

History of Vina Patricia

During exceptional vintages – arguably Argentina’s most reputable wine maker – Roberto De La Motta is drafted in to make Vina Patricia D’Oro (gold edition) – a hybrid, concentrated, super premium version of the black label.

The grapes used to make Vina Patricia come from extremely old, fully certified organic vines (rare for vines of this age), meaning the quality and concentration of these grapes are optimum.

As a vine gets older, the fruit it produces becomes much better and very few are as vintage as these, planted way back in 1928.

The Process

The wines produced are exceptional, made with no expense spared.

The grapes go through a vigorous selection and only the best grapes are used to make Vina Patricia, with the rest sold on to make lower quality wines.

Once the wine is made, it is matured in premium French and American oak barrels for twelve months, before we leave it to age in our cellars for a minimum of three years.

This ensures the wine is released when it’s ready to drink and in exceptional condition.

Vina Patricia D’Oro

Vina Patricia D’Oro is only made in exceptional years and is produced by only using the best wine from the best years.

Each vintage, the Vina Patricia vineyard produces enough wine to fill approximately ninety 225 litre oak barrels. The Vina Patricia D’Oro produced is ultimately the top ten oak barrels from this number.

This happens after vigorous tastings of every single barrel, which are scored by the winemakers, who then decide on the ‘ultimate barrels’ to make Vina Patricia D’Oro.

Both wines are exceptional expressions of Malbec, with an iconic velvet like texture, ripe red and black forest fruits, juicy, rich, silky soft and powerful in flavour.

A true reflection of why Malbec is the nation’s new favourite red wine, as produced by one of the most beautiful, historic vineyards in Argentina and the world.

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