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A Summer Guide to Wine Pairings and Steak

A Guide To Summer Wine Pairings

Part of the joy of fine dining is finding the perfect wine pairing for a dish. From premium steak to seafood, here at Gaucho, we understand how to carefully curate our wine pairings to match each dish to create the best possible flavours. Whether you’re a seasoned steak and wine aficionado, or you’re simply looking for a memorable dining experience this summer, we’ve created the ultimate Gaucho guide on how to pair food and wine. 

A Guide to Wine and Steak Pairings In The Summer

There’s something special about summer dining; sipping a delicious glass of wine in the sunshine or balmy evenings enjoying a meal with friends. Summer also brings with it a variety of seasonal flavours and some truly excellent wines, just waiting to be explored. 

Steak is a well-known and popular dish, but when choosing an accompanying tipple, how does wine pairing work? Gaucho’s expert chefs and sommeliers are masters of their craft and know exactly which wine pairing will best enhance the flavour of the steak. 

The Art of Pairing: Understanding Steak and Wine Profile

The first thing to consider is the steak itself. Some of the most popular steak cuts on the Gaucho menu include the Ribeye, Sirloin, and Filet Mignon, which all have different flavours and textures. 

Next, what type of wine will you be drinking? There are three main types of wine and each type’s characteristics will be key in pairing it with the perfect steak.

Red wine is made from dark-skinned grapes and tends to be drier and full-bodied, thanks to its higher level of tannins. White wine is made from light-skinned grapes, which gives the wine a fruitier taste and makes it lighter and crisper than a red. Rosé wine is made with a combination of red and white grapes and has a middle-of-the-range flavour profile.

In a successful pairing, the wine should enhance the flavours of the steak without overpowering it. A red wine and steak pairing is a dream combination, while white wines go with poultry, fish and vegetarian dishes. You’ll find that, depending on the sweetness of the wine, rosé wine can be paired with lots of different dishes, so have fun exploring until you’ve found your ideal pairing! 

As you delve further into the world of steak and wine pairings, you’ll discover more complex and intriguing red wine blends. Explore how Gaucho’s menu pairs unique red wine blends with steak to create all-new, exciting flavours that dazzle the palate. 

If you’re ready to discover some classic steak and wine pairings, keep reading… 

Classic Pairings for Iconic Steak Cuts

Our iconic steak cuts include the Ribeye, Sirloin and Filet Mignon, each of which have distinctive flavour profiles that pair with different wines.

  • The Ribeye Steak

Our beautiful Ribeye steak’s stand-out feature is its delicate marbling, which creates a mouthwatering, full-bodied flavour. As the Ribeye steak is the most juicy cut, you should pair it with a full-bodied red wine, as the wine’s aromatic tannins will cut nicely through the fat of the steak. Try our 2021 La Mascota Cabernet Sauvignon, from Argentina’s best-known wine region, or a French Merlot like the 2019 Château de Camarsac. 

  • The Sirloin Steak

Tender and succulent, our signature Sirloin steak has a decadent strip of juicy crackling that pairs perfectly with a variety of sauces and wines. We’d recommend trying it with a buttery steak sauce and a warm, velvety glass of French Syrah, like our 2021 Domaine de la Janasse Côtes du Rhône. 

  • The Filet Mignon

Finally, we have our iconic Filet Mignon steak, a leaner cut of meat that is still deliciously tender. As Filet Mignon has a subtler flavour, the wine pairing should be subtle too, with varieties that complement rather than compete. We suggest a Bordeaux or Washington State red, just like our 2018 Columbia Valley Château Ste. Michelle Merlot. 

Exploring Specialty Steak Pairings

We also offer specialty steaks at Gaucho, such as our Tomahawk, Porterhouse and Wagyu steaks, as well as the perfect wine pairings to set off their unique flavours.

  • The Tomahawk Steak

A tender, buttery steak, the Tomahawk is a large ribeye steak that is specifically cut to leave the long rib bone on it, making it look like an axe. A dry, full-bodied red wine is the perfect partner for this premium steak, just like the incredibly smooth 2019 Terrazas de los Andes Cabernet Sauvignon.

  • The Porterhouse Steak

Sometimes known as the king of steaks, the Porterhouse is a large, thick-cut steak. You’re actually getting two steaks in one with this juicy cut, with a tenderloin and a striploin on either side of the bone. This steak requires a lighter red to balance its two textures – you can truly indulge with a glass of our 2017 Tamboerskloof Syrah. 

  • The Wagyu Steak

Wagyu is a luxury cut of beef renowned for its exceptional flavour and characterised by its signature marbled texture. The tenderness of this steak creates an unparalleled richness, best enjoyed with a mid to full-bodied red, which will give this steak the spotlight it so deserves. Cabernet Sauvignon, smoky Chardonnays and Shiraz all make great partners for Wagyu, just like our Barossa Valley Wild Scarlet Shiraz.

Perfecting Pairings with Steak Sauces and Sides

To create the ultimate steak and wine pairing, it’s also important to consider the sauce and the sides you’ll be eating alongside it. Our Gaucho steak sauces include:

  • Classic peppercorn
  • Creamy béarnaise
  • Tangy blue cheese
  • Smoked chipotle
  • Spicy chimichurri

The art of pairing wine with steak sauce is slightly more complex, but as a general rule of thumb, rich steak sauces like béarnaise or blue cheese pair well with a red Bordeaux or Malbec, while lighter sauces like chimichurri can be matched with a Pinot Noir. 

When it comes to sides, some of our most popular dishes include the much-loved truffle mac and cheese, which pairs well with an aromatic red wine and our creamed mashed potato, which goes with a Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon. For a lighter combination that still packs a punch, a glass of New Zealand 2019 Urlar Sauvignon Blanc is a fantastic accompaniment to our snappy sautéed broccoli. 

Wine Pairings for Seafood, Poultry and Vegetarian Dishes

If you’re wondering what food pairs well with white wine, Gaucho’s menu also includes a range of delicious seafood, vegetarian and poultry dishes, which are all excellent summertime meal choices. 

Seafood dishes like our seared diver scallops and the sea bass ceviche are bursting with fresh flavours and go perfectly with a good Sauvignon Blanc, like our 2021 Patagonia Black River Sauvignon Blanc. Lighter chicken dishes are another ideal summertime dish – try pairing our grilled spatchcock with an innovative Chardonnay, just like our 2020 Burgundy Chablis Chardonnay.

For vegetarian dishes, our sumptuous kale pesto and parmesan Gnocchi pairs perfectly with a variety of different wines, including Sauvignon Blanc, Chablis and Pinot Gris. These light and crisp wines beautifully enhance the herby flavours of the dish and are beautifully refreshing.  

Our fruity rosés are another way to cool the palate and go exceptionally well with fresh salads and vegetarian dishes. Our 2022 Côtes de Provence Whispering Angel is to die for when paired with our gorgeous burrata and tomato salad. 

There’s nothing that hits the spot quite like a crisp, chilled glass of wine on a summer’s day, so why not purchase your own wines to pair at home from our online shop

Congratulations! You can now make a summer wine pairing like a true Gaucho sommelier. If you’re interested in learning more about steak and wine pairing, visit us at one of our restaurants to experience our featured pairings in person and to make a reservation, simply visit our website. You can also follow us on social media on TikTok and Instagram. 


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