Our post Covid-19 policy and commitment to those in our restaurants. Click here to read
Our post Covid-19 policy. Click here to read

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At Gaucho, we commit to be proud of our impact on both society and the planet.

At Gaucho, we commit to be proud of our impact on both society and the planet.  

Aware of our footprint on the earth, the health of ourselves and our guests and our ability to impact society for greater good, we take a holistic CSR approach to reinforce our values and our commitment to deliver a rare contribution to our people, the planet, and our community. 

People Impact

Our recruitment strategy aims to deliver a workforce that is truly representative of the communities in which we operate. Our target is to recruit 10% of workforce from those who, due to a wide range of circumstances, would otherwise be considered disadvantaged in the employment market.

Planet Impact

Overarching our impact strategy is the work to achieve net zero carbon emissions across our business by 2030. Aware of the high environmental impact of beef production, we will work with our suppliers and accredited bodies to measure, offset and reduce the carbon footprint of our cattle by 2025.  

Read about our carbon footprint project HERE.

As part of our commitment to address our impact on the planet, Gaucho is proud to introduce the Sustainable Steak Movement. The movement was launched in alignment with COP 26 to accelerate the transition towards a carbon conscious beef offering in restaurants across the UK. Restaurants and suppliers are invited to join us in leading a movement committed to making beef and wine sustainable in our restaurants. Our vision is to achieve carbon neutral beef and wine offerings by 2025, and to make restaurant operations ‘Net Zero’ by 2030.  

See our Sustainable Steak Movement website HERE.

We also offer “Sustainable Serves” on our wine list, with a selection of sustainable, biodynamic, natural and organic wines. Our careful selection of these wines supports our work towards becoming carbon neutral through a reforestation programme that also fights modern-day slavery through our partnerships with Not for Sale, Glass Half Full, and Bibendum Wines. 

Community Impact 

Raising £1 million donation target over a ten-year period, Gaucho works with charitable partners that support those from disadvantaged backgrounds. We actively encourage our staff to give back to their community, through volunteering opportunities or by undertaking fundraising events within the business. 

Read about our charity partners HERE

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