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Impact Blog: Working With The Community

Where we explore our journey to becoming a zero carbon business.

Gaucho Liverpool & Our Community Development Work

Welcome back to Volume 10 of the Impact blog series, where we’re bringing you some amazing news! Ready for it? Today we’re happy to announce the opening of a brand new steak restaurant in Liverpool. This iconic British city has everything: great football, a legendary music scene, and now delicious steak.

Just like every new restaurant opening, working with the community is at the heart of every decision. That’s why when choosing a location for the restaurant, we revamped a historic, unused bank building. Situated in the beating heart of a vibrant city, our home in Liverpool is a real gem. We’re super excited to open our doors and allow people to experience the beautiful architecture (as well as our tasty food, of course).

But that’s not it. From sustainable suppliers and secure employment, to productive partnerships with local charities, we want to build on this and contribute even more to the Liverpool community.

Charitable giving for Alder Hey Children’s Hospital

As part of our Liverpool opening, we’re absolutely thrilled to be partnering with Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. The busiest children’s hospital in the UK, Alder Hey is a top-level facility committed to develop life changing treatments to improve children’s care outcomes. It’s also a leader of healthcare innovation, using artificial intelligence and virtual reality to push the boundaries of medical care.

All with the aim of allowing children to experience a range of challenging physical and mental health conditions, endeavours like this put Alder Hey at the forefront of research. You can see why they’ve garnered an international reputation among healthcare professionals – it’s an extraordinary place.

So, in the interests of supporting Alder Hey’s vital work, Gaucho have donated £10,000, with the funds going towards purchasing specialist equipment for a new neonatal unit. This unit has been designed to provide living space for both children in long-term care, as well as their parents, allowing families to stay close.

As a restaurant that donates to nonprofits regularly, Gaucho is extremely proud to support such a fantastic hospital. We have nothing but admiration for Alder Hey staff, patients and families and are eager to make this partnership flourish with further fundraisers and donations.

But business charitable giving is more than just donations; it’s about active participation with the charities we support. That’s why we encourage our staff to use fully-paid volunteering days to help in person too.

For more information on the incredible work done at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, visit their website.

Local charity work with Farm Urban

Next, let’s have a discussion about suppliers. As you’ll know from previous blogs, we have a great passion for restaurant social responsibility and working with the community. We want to ensure our suppliers care as much as we do about sustainability and sourcing eco-friendly, high-quality food. That’s why we met with Farm Urban in the Baltic Triangle of Liverpool.

Housed in the basement of a community school, Farm Urban uses innovative farming techniques to grow salad leaves and herbs in vertical hydroponic systems (growing plants without soil in a horizontal or vertical fashion) for local restaurants to use.

Farming in this manner offers a means of growing fresh and local produce in the centre of urban areas. Why is this good, you ask? Well, not only does this reduce transport miles, it also decreases the strain and dependence on traditional agriculture which requires large amounts of land and resources. It’s a remarkable example of comprehensive sustainable practice.

By working with selected hospitality groups that align with their values, Farm Urban makes certain they do not compromise the quality and sustainability of what they do by increasing the volume of food they produce.

But it doesn’t stop there with their community development work. Farm Urban also offers learning outreach and engagement courses for children, school leavers and adults, all for the purpose of educating about the power of good nutrition and growing your own food.

If you’re based in Liverpool, what are you waiting for? Come and enjoy a refreshing Farm Urban salad grown from the centre of the city you know and love. In the near future we hope to have our own beautiful Farm Urban installation growing even more menu items right here in the restaurant. How’s that for reducing transport miles?

For more articles on similar topics, check out our other Impact blogs. We’re passionate about restaurant sustainability, working with the community and putting delicious steaks on your plate.

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