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Gaucho Covent Garden; Steaks & Sustainability

Gaucho Covent Garden; Steaks and Sustainability

The opening of Gaucho Covent Garden is the first restaurant we have opened in London for a decade and is an opportunity to highlight the sustainability initiatives we are championing here and across all of our restaurants. Our Gaucho venues are not only beautiful spaces to dine in, but also an integral part of the local community and conscious to minimise any impact on the planet.

Electric Avenue

All our energy supply comes from 100% REGO- backed sources. In addition, we continue to pay close attention to our energy usage, which begins with our teams undergoing ‘Energy Management’ training to incorporate energy reduction measures into our daily routines, this has been supported by an investment in software from Cap Energy which enables us to identify inefficient use of technology throughout the day and target reduction actions. Our restaurants are also kitted out with the most efficient equipment, with heat recovery systems as standard to capture heat from the kitchen and makes use of it in other areas of the building, reducing heat loss to the environment. Our custom-made ‘lasso’ chandeliers use LED bulbs as does most our lighting.

Waste Not Want Not

Our Wastage is another hot topic where we have set ambitious targets to achieve a 75% recycling rate across the group. All our food waste is recycled and with anerobic digestion provides a source of renewable energy. We don’t just monitor wastage, we actively work with our waste contractors to hold training sessions throughout the year, driving our belief that recycling does work by taking our employees to visit recycling facilities and inject some fun into this subject with organised beach cleans and ‘plastic fishing’ events.

Carbon Neutral Beef

Our signature Argentinian beef remains the star of the show, however, and we are embarking on the next phase of our project to further reduce the carbon footprint of our steaks at source, working with our partner farms. Alongside this long-term process, we continue to offset our GHG emissions through investing in reforestation projects in vulnerable communities around the world (particularly in the Amazon), concurrently working with the ‘Not For Sale’ movement to fight modern-slavery and trafficking by funding these community projects.

‘Regenerative agriculture’ is the buzz phrase of the moment, with huge amounts of resources being pooled into understanding just how far this method of production could reduce methane emissions and capture carbon at the farm level. We are active participants in this movement and are working collaboratively with other members of the Zero Carbon Forum as part of their Working Group, and  by reaching out to international bodies that are looking at implementing these practices outside of the UK, what we learn will then be applied at our farms. You can try the first certified British Regeneratively Farmed beef at our Gaucho Sunday Roasts and in our sister M restaurant venues.

Charity Partners

Our commitment to work with charity partners to support those from disadvantaged backgrounds getting back into the work force is stronger than ever. Our recruitment team work closely with Only A Pavement Away to bring people who would otherwise struggle to get work into our business, working towards our target of recruiting 5% of the workforce from our charity partners. We are also dedicated to looking internally to ensure our staff are receiving support they may need and work with Hospitality Action to provide much-needed advisory services as well as take part in fun fundraising opportunities, getting our teams together to be active out and about. Our guests can play their part too by purchasing a bowl of ‘Invisible Chips’ to accompany their delicious meal, helping make our hospitality community a stronger place to work.


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