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Step into the glitz and glamour of Gaucho Liverpool’s Disco Extravaganza this New Year’s Eve!

Our grand restaurant will transform into a dazzling disco wonderland this New Year’s Eve, with giant disco balls casting shimmering lights across the room, disco balloons floating with the rhythm of the night, and streamer canons ready to explode in a burst of confetti as the clock strikes midnight.

Get ready to dance the disco night away with the sensational DJ Rueben, who will be gracing our Cocktail Bar stage from 8pm to 1am alongside a live percussionist.

Adding an extra touch of magic to the night, our Mirror Men will be dazzling guests with their mesmerising performances. Watch as they reflect the vibrant energy of the disco theme, creating an unforgettable visual spectacle throughout the evening.

Let’s bid farewell to the year in true Gaucho style! Secure your table in the restaurant or our bar for an unforgettable New Year’s Eve celebration.


Gaucho’s Christmas Menus: A Guide to Festive Dining

Christmas is in the air and the busy streets of London are starting to sparkle. From Christmas lights and Christmas markets to trips to the theatre and fine dining, there’s never a dull moment in London at this time of year.

If you’re in the mood for a festive meal and a tipple or two, Gaucho’s festive offerings are sure to delight, whether you’re after an intimate winter dining experience, evening drinks, or a full-on Christmas party. With several tantalising Christmas menus to explore, this is surely one of the best Christmas dinners London has to offer.

The Festive Dining Experience At Gaucho

When you hear the words festive dining, London is sure to come to mind – and Gaucho is no exception. Festive decor, a warm atmosphere and delicious food come together to create the ultimate festive dining experience, the perfect spot for celebrating Christmas with loved ones this year.

Gaucho is proud to offer no fewer than five carefully curated Christmas menus this season, featuring an array of mouth-watering festive favourites and innovative dishes, as well as decadent desserts and a sparkling selection of festive drinks. The Festive Sharing Menu is a great choice for a meal with friends, while the Festive Feast Menu offers four luxurious courses, ideal for a long lunch. Stuck on what to buy the foodies in your life? Our Gaucho digital gift cards make wonderful Christmas presents!

On Christmas Day this year, Gaucho is offering a special five-course festive Christmas Day Menu at both the Richmond and Tower Bridge venues, with two sittings at 12 pm and 3 pm. Look out for Christmassy classics like chicken liver paté and beef wellington, as well as some Latin-American-inspired dishes like the Christmas Empanada with pumpkin, provolone and truffle. This is the perfect menu for enjoying with your loved ones and there’s even a Christmas Day Kids Menu so no one has to miss out on the fun. 

In addition to dining, you’ll also find a few special festive events taking place across Gaucho venues this year. On December 4th, join our Gaucho Sloane Avenue wreath-making workshop, where expert wreath maker Alice Strange will take you through the professional techniques to create your own beautiful wreath. All tools and materials are provided and canapés and ice-cold glasses of Chandon will be served while you make your masterpiece. 

Promising an afternoon of festive cheer, our Festive Film Club is showing a private VIP screening of Christmas classic Elf at our Gaucho Charlotte Street venue. With viewings on December 2nd and 16th, each screening includes popcorn upon arrival, a welcome glass of Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé Champagne and a menu inspired by the movie. This could be the best way to escape the cold this year!

Festive Activities Near Gaucho

It’s not only Christmas dinner London is famous for – there is so much to enjoy in London at Christmas, for friends, couples, families and big groups alike. So, where are the best Christmas lights in London, we hear you ask. Below is our round-up of all the best festive attractions and activities near Gaucho London restaurants for you to discover this season:

There’s no time more Instagrammable than Christmas and London is full of opportunities to grab that picture-perfect shot for the grid. Top of the list are Christmas lights, and some of the best Christmas lights in London are located on Oxford Street, near both our Gaucho Charlotte Street and Gaucho Covent Garden venues. The famous Carnaby Street lights are also nearby, offering a dazzling neon spectacle and a wealth of shops to explore for presents. Among the festive pop-ups and mulled wine stalls of Covent Garden, the Covent Garden Piazza also has a huge Christmas lights display, and Gaucho Covent Garden is right around the corner for when you start to feel peckish. 

Also top of the list and highly Instagrammable are London’s Christmas markets, with their food stalls, homemade decorations and twinkling lights. The most beautiful festive markets just happen to be near some of our Gaucho locations, including Covent Garden, Leicester Square and Winter by the River at London Bridge City, which comes with the added benefit of its stunning views of Tower Bridge and the Tower of London. Wrap up warm and snap away to your heart’s content! 

For theatre aficionados, there’s no place like London when it comes to festive shows. If you’re a panto fan, The London Palladium is an ornate establishment that always puts on a fantastic pantomime – this year it’s Peter Pan and performances are sure to sell out fast. (Oh yes they are!) To whet your appetite before the show, why not book a pre-panto festive feast at Gaucho Piccadilly? If panto isn’t your thing, a Christmassy trip to the ballet might be more up your street. The London Coliseum is showing the traditional Christmas tale The Nutcracker this year, complete with exquisite sets, dancing and the popular score played by a live orchestra. A glass of something warming at Gaucho Covent Garden beforehand will make the evening even more magical. 

Book Your Festivities Today

If you’re feeling as festive as we are after reading this article, you can book your festive celebration with Gaucho online or via phone. We look forward to welcoming you to Gaucho this Christmas! 


Hire the Gaucho Airstream Food Truck

Enjoy the Gaucho experience at your private event with exclusive hire of our unique Airstream food truck. Available for events ranging in size from 50 to 200 people, our packages include full staffing, delivery and all-inclusive food and drinks packages.

On the menu will be the legendary Gaucho burger, backed up by steak sandwiches and generous portions of perfectly grilled steak with our famous chips. For parties at home, weddings with an Argentine twist or a corporate event with flair, the Gaucho Airstream brings outstanding food, service and style to your door.

Prices for all-inclusive private hire start from £3,000. Email Airstream@gauchorestaurants.com to begin your enquiry.


Roast Dinner Day: Why This Meal Has Become a Beloved Tradition

The Sunday roast dinner is a beloved tradition throughout the UK, with a long and detailed history. 

On this roast dinner day, families and friends come together to eat a delicious home-cooked lunch, or take a trip to the local pub. Comprising cooked meat, potatoes and an assortment of vegetables served with gravy, today there are lots of different takes on this family favourite. 

In this article, we dive into the history behind the roast and take a look at the components that make up the perfect roast dinner

Historical Origins

The roast dinner originated in Britain during the reign of King Henry VII in 1485. In fact, Henry VII’s royal guards ate so much roast beef that they became known as the Beefeaters, a nickname that is still used today!

In mediaeval times, people used to consume a lot more meat, especially royalty and the nobility. Traditionally, the meat from the week’s hunt would be roasted on a large spit in a fireplace while people were at the morning church service. Beef from oxen was commonly used, but chicken, pork and lamb were also eaten. 

Just like today, Yorkshire puddings were a popular accompaniment to the early roast dinner, although they were actually served as a starter before the main meal so that diners wouldn’t eat as much meat, which was more expensive. Any leftover meat did not go to waste and would be used in pies and stews throughout the following week. 

Although today the meat is cooked in the oven rather than over a fire, the roast dinner remains a beloved tradition in many cultures, from the UK’s Sunday roast to the American Thanksgiving meal.

Cultural Significance:

You’ll find roast dinners in lots of regions and countries, where they have become a firm part of that country’s culture. Each country has put its own unique spin on how to make the perfect roast dinner, leading to many regional variations and speciality dishes:

  • UK

The home of the Sunday roast, in the UK people love to enjoy their Sunday dinner with family and friends. The ceremonial carving of the meat is at the heart of the tradition. 

  • US

Although Sunday roasts are not as common in the US, the Thanksgiving meal is a much-loved tradition centred around food. Believed to have started in 1621, Thanksgiving takes place on the fourth Thursday in November and typically features a roast turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce and desserts like pumpkin pie and pecan pie. 

  • Australia

Just like the UK, Aussies love a roast dinner on a Sunday, which normally features roast lamb served with vegetables and gravy. 

  • France

The French gave the English the nickname ‘rosbifs’, or ‘roast beefs’ for their love of eating meat, but roast dinners are also popular in France, particularly roast chicken. This ‘poulet rôti’ is usually served alongside potatoes and seasonal vegetables, or in a casserole dish like coq au vin.

  • Argentina

In Argentina, Sunday lunch is also the most important family meal of the week, with ‘carne asada’ and barbecued beef being the most favoured dishes.

  • Japan

In  Japan, nikujaga is a popular dish to eat with family on a Sunday. This translates as ‘meat and potatoes’ and is a meat stew made using very thinly-sliced beef seasoned with soy sauce and sugar. 

Social and Family Bonds

Aside from mouthwatering food, roast dinners are also important from a social perspective. Coming together to enjoy a meal strengthens bonds and traditions and gives us the chance to tell stories, reminisce about good times and make new memories.

Food is one of the most important parts of our culture and national identity and creates a unique connection to other people and places. Although families grow up and friendship groups change, a roast dinner is an opportunity to reunite with old friends and loved ones, with people often travelling significant distances to share a meal together. 

Culinary Delights 

There are many variations on how to make the best Sunday roast and the meal is easy to tailor to accommodate different preferences.

The main ingredients on a Sunday roast menu are usually:

  • Meat. Beef, pork, lamb or chicken, the meat is the centrepiece of the whole meal and should be well-seasoned and roasted to juicy perfection.
  • Roast potatoes. The ultimate roastie should be golden and crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. Lots of people also like roast parsnips.
  • Yorkshire puddings. The traditional accompaniment to roasted meat, Yorkshire puddings are made from a batter of milk, eggs and flour and are the perfect vessel for soaking up leftover gravy.
  • Vegetables. Seasonal vegetables are a key part of any roast dinner and can include carrots, peas, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, leeks, and cauliflower. 
  • Gravy. The finishing touch to any good roast is the gravy. Gravy is often made using the meat’s juices but you can also make vegetarian versions like onion gravy. 
  • Sauces. Each meat has an accompanying sauce pairing, such as chicken and bread sauce, lamb and mint jelly, pork and apple sauce, beef and horseradish, and turkey and cranberry. 

Other additions to a roast dinner include stuffing, cauliflower cheese and pigs in blankets – don’t be afraid to experiment and use your favourite foods to create your ultimate Sunday roast!

Although meat is traditional, vegetarians and vegans should not feel left out of this tradition, with delicious substitutes like butternut squash wellington, celeriac steak, and nut roast to make the perfect Sunday roast for non meat-eaters. 

Modern Relevance

Although it’s true that we have a much more fast-paced lifestyle than mediaeval times, with an abundance of fast food and grab-on-the-go meals, roast dinners have managed to retain their status in modern culinary culture. There are now lots of vegetarian, vegan and pre-prepared roast dinners on the market to cater to all types of diet and lifestyle.

However, if you have the time, a never ending roast at Gaucho is the perfect way to spend a relaxing Sunday afternoon. A bottomless roast dinner featuring the best quality beef, golden roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings cooked in beef dripping, our Gaucho roast is served with tasty seasonal vegetables and rich red wine gravy. 

We hope that this delicious article about roast dinners has put you in the mood for your next one! You can find our decadent never-ending Gaucho roast at the following locations every Sunday between 12pm-5pm:


Grab & Go Richmond

Next time you take a stroll along the towpath, join us on our heated terrace Grab + Go, located right on the riverside where you’ll find some winter warmers like our classic mini empanadas or some churros dusted with cinnamon sugar – if sweet is more your thing. Why not try some piping hot sips to spice up those chilly afternoons with mulled wine and hot toddies poured for you to enjoy whilst you walk along the riverbank.

Join us every weekend from 12pm – 5pm and indulge in the delights of this festive season.


Not in the mood to cook Christmas lunch this year? Put your feet up and let us do all the work. Join us on Christmas Day this year for five outstanding festive courses including Christmas classics such as Chicken Liver Paté and Cinnamon Cured Salmon to start with traditional Beef Wellington as a main course.

Looking for something a bit more Gaucho? Our team has put together some more Latin-American inspired festive dishes such as our Christmas Empanada with pumpkin, provolone, truffle and a classic Gaucho Chorizo steak served with truffle butter. Our Christmas Day menu will be available at Richmond and Tower Bridge in two sittings, one from 12pm and the second sitting from 3pm with a children’s available to ensure that Christmas Day stays well and truly a family affair.

Terms & Conditions

  • Available from 11.45am-3.15pm in Tower Bridge
  • Available from 12pm – 3.15pm in Richmond.
  • Pre-booking required
  • Adults £95 per person | Children £50 per child | Service charge not included
  • Children’s menu available for children aged 12 and below only
  • Last seating is at 3.15pm at both sites
  • £50 deposit will be taken for every cover which will then be redeemed against their final bill
  • Our cancellation policy is effective from 6pm on Monday 18th December and deposits will not be refunded if a cancellation is made after this time.
  • The A La Carte Menu will not be available on Christmas Day

Never Ending Roasts & Live Music Every Sunday At Gaucho Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle

If you’re spending time in the famous cities of Glasgow, Newcastle, Manchester or Liverpool on a Sunday afternoon, then you’re probably asking yourself one thing – where can I get the best Sunday Roast in the city? There are few traditions finer than the Sunday Roast and at Gaucho we know it’s the perfect way to round up a hectic weekend with friends and family, particularly for sore heads in desperate need of a Bloody Mary. A blissful Sunday afternoon looks something like this; a long walk and fresh air followed by a mouth-watering Roast, before heading home to binge watch an entire Netflix series on the sofa.

We’re excited to welcome back ‘Sunday Sessions’ our bottomless Roast offering, to Glaswegian, Geordie, Mancunian and Liverpudlian residents. Each week from 12pm until 3pm we will be providing guests with bottomless roast menu, showcasing a range of weekly alternating meat options, dependent on the highest quality meats from our suppliers. Envisage your perfectly pink roast beef, the centre piece, enclosed by an assortment of fluffly on the inside, crispy on the outside roasted potatoes, glazed vegetables and Yorkshire pudding covered in lashings of gravy. Our never-ending roast means you can eat until you heart is content (or stomach bursting) for £37.00


Claim Your Free Breakfast Empanada!

This September, get ready to roll out of bed and straight into Central London for a South American breakfast spread of dreams. To celebrate the arrival of its brand-new morning menu and hero dish, the Breakfast Empanada, Gaucho Covent Garden will be giving away a free breakfast to those who dare to dine in their best nightwear attire on Thursday 7th September, between 8:30am – 11:00am.

Simply rock-up in your dressing gown or PJs to receive a complimentary breakfast empanada and hot drink on the house.  This buttery pocket of pastry filled with salty bacon, eggs, onion and grated tomato, all cut with chorizo sausage spice is the breakfast of champions, but remember, no nightwear, no free breakfast!

Terms & Conditions

Free breakfast on Thursday 7th September at Gaucho Covent Garden from 8.30am – 11am

Free breakfast can be claimed for all those wearing pyjamas, nightdress or dressing gown

Free breakfast offering is one breakfast empanada and one hot drink per person. Anything in addition to this will need to be paid for

Offer available for walk-ins only, first come first served, subject to availability.


Marathon Steak | 10th – 14th September

Run straight passed the finish line and into Gaucho Newcastle for the ultimate post Great North Run meal.

Sit back, relax and refuel following the Great North Run with a complimentary 250g Chorizo steak served with chimichurri and choice of chips or salad for all finishers!

We’ll be serving up steaks on us from Sunday 10th of September right up until the 14th September just in case you’ve already made some post half-marathon plans.

To redeem this offer, simply quote ‘Marathon Steak’ in the booking notes and present your ‘Newcastle Great North Run’ medal on arrival.


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