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Veganuary 2022

A rite of passage for health-conscious eaters – a first for Gaucho!

We’ve all heard of Veganuary right? This month-long campaign has become a rite of passage for health-conscious eaters over the years and has grown to become a household tradition and crusade to minimise consumption of meats and dairy products. Word has spread and this movement continues to educate and encourage the world in plant-based foods.

Why is a steakhouse pushing the message of Veganism you ask? Whilst we’re known for serving some of the world’s best steaks, we are ambassadors of sustainability, and we want to celebrate our meatless offering!

Behold our Plant Based Menu, the first in our planned initiatives to offer more meatless dishes, championing a wide variety of ingredients from South America and honouring the countries that have inspired the brand, while staying true to our signature dishes of Ceviche’s, Empanadas, Grills and Stews. Dishes include a ‘Radish Ceviche’, a return of the much loved ‘Corn Humita’, this time in an Empanada. A South American stew of courgette, chickpeas and achiote and a ‘Vegan Chocolate Brownie’. This menu will be available in residential venues including Richmond, Sloane Avenue and Hampstead.

While this is a menu limited to January, we’re exploring plans to introduce more plant-based dishes to our offering throughout the year. It is a well-known fact that plant-based dishes have a lower carbon footprint than meat dishes and come with added benefits for our health – we are on a path to be mindful of this in our sourcing and consumption of food.

See the Plant Based Menu HERE.

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